In Evergreen and Conifer-when the snow flies the inventory of homes for sale decreases. When there are fewer homes for sale buyers have limited options and the demand is increased above high inventory times of June, July and August.

I've been helping a lot of families understand the values of their homes in the last few days and we invariably talk about the impact the seasonal reduction in inventory has on marketing and selling their homes.  So I thought I'd share an interactive piece with you:

Real estate is cyclical in Evergreen.  This chart shows the consistent seasonal shortage of homes for sale which indicates a timely opportunity for sellers.  Mouse over any of the graph to see the timing of the various stats.  

Of course, there are fewer buyers in the market as well. However, logic and experience leads me to believe that while there are fewer buyers those buyers are generally under more pressure to find a home since their move is frequently motivated with a time crunch. 

If your goal is to sell: 

don't necessarily write off this time of year. 

Maximizing demand with a Remarkable Marketing System can help you achieve your goals on your time frame!

If you're considering selling lets talk about how the recent market gains has improved your home's value recently and how my marketing system has been consistently providing impressive results for my clients.

Happy Holidays!